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Where the unused promotions go

This is something I didn't know.  Nowadays when the big club doesn't give away all of their promotional material, they send them to the minors.

Jupiter and Palm Beach fans can thank their parent teams for some future giveaways.

St. Louis ordered 500 more David Eckstein pennants and youth hats than it needed and sent them to South Florida.

Roger Dean Stadium will give away the pennants to fans as they enter the ballpark tonight (for a Jupiter game) and the hats on Tuesday.

Florida also sent some promotional items. Jupiter already has given away Dan Uggla bats and Hanley Ramirez gloves. Jupiter will give away Marlins poker chips to the first 500 fans who enter the ballpark Saturday.

"It can be tough to draw in this league, especially with two teams playing here," Roger Dean Stadium General Manager Rob Rabenecker said. "St. Louis and Florida asked us what they could do to help us out."

I knew they sent balls to the minors that were deemed unplayable in the majors, but sending the promotional items is news to me.  When I was a season ticket holder of the Astros, they didn't do that.  On the final home game of the year they had a big table at the entry gates displaying all the stuff they had leftover and you got to choose what you wanted from the leftover items while the supplies lasted.

Sending them to the minors sounds like a better idea to me.