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Open Thread and Ichthyomancy: Marlins at Giants (7/27)

The Marlins say good bye and good riddance to Arizona and say hello to San Francisco.  The Fish hit town for a three game series.

The Marlins starting pitcher is Rick Vanden Hurk.

The Giants will trot out Barry Zito to the hill.

Game time is 10:15 p.m.

Vanden Hurk has so far been a better pitcher on the road than at home.  Although his last start in JRS was one of his best this season, going 6 innings and only allowing 2 ER.  His road ERA is 4.40 as compared to his home ERA of 7.71.

Zito has only been a shadow of his former self, so far this season.  If for some reason he regains his former stature, it could be a long night.  If Zito gets ahead of the hitters look for his signature 12 to 6 curve ball that he is famous for.  He normally tosses that pitch about 20 percent of the time.  The rest are fast balls and change ups.  Zito is a lefty.

Tonight's game and tomorrow's in being picked up by ESPN.  So if you are in the same situation as I am, you don't have to watch it on your computer.  You get to watch it on the so called big screen called television.

Ichtyomancy is ready for the weekend.  The late starts continue to roll in, meaning there is no hurry to get your picks in.  But be sure to do so.

Here's today's Ichthyomancy pick table:

FishStriper Attendance Player AAB
Al State
Baseballfan 30,000 Ramirez Vanden Hurk: 5+ R, 4+ BB, K ≤ 3
Bobbob 30,000 Cabrera Marlins leadoff: OB 2+, 2+ R
Brickell 44,000 Uggla Uggla TB > Bonds TB
Bumppo 43,200 Uggla Giants SO > Marlins SO, Giants pitch H+BB > Marlins pitch H+BB
C60 43,450 Cabrera Cabrera: HR
Colombo 42,544 Uggla Uggla: 2+ RBI
Fluxuation Cabrera
HadMatter 43,755 Olivo Vanden Hurk: 6+ IP, BB < 4, 0 HR, No L
Hurricane 41,000 Cabrera Cabrera: 2+ HR
Jim B 43,333 Vanden Hurk Game 3rd Base: 4+ H, 2+ RBI
Jrsyeagle 34,729 Ramirez/Cabrera Game: 2 leadoff 2B, 7+ K
NYULaw 39,001 Cabrera Giants: 0 HR

Best of Luck to Everyone!