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Conine to Retire?

This just won't do.

Jeff Conine said he thinks this will be it.

"As of right now, I'm leaning toward this being my final season," he said.

Conine is 41 years old and this is his 20th professional season. He's played reasonably well for the Reds - .254, five home runs, 26 RBI in 177 at-bats going into Wednesday. He leads the team with seven hits and four RBI in 19 pinch-hit at-bats.

He said he feels like he could keep playing, though.

"Physically, I feel great," he said. "There's no issues I'm battling right now. It's just mentally and with the family, it's getting tougher every year."

Conine has three children, ages 11, 10 and 7.

"I'm missing a lot of stuff," he said. "You miss things that you're never going to get back."

There is no way that Mr. Marlin should be allowed to retire while still a member of another club, period.  I don't know if this option is still available but at one time a team could sign a player to a one-day contract.  If that is still an option, the Marlins should sign Conine to such at the start of next season and let him retire as a Marlin.  The home opener next year would be a good choice since it is, normally, the biggest crowd of the season.  His wife and kids will be there and he can go out like the fan favorite he is.

It is unacceptable for him to retire as member of another team and the club shouldn't allow this to happen.  They need to figure something out, no matter what it takes.