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Baseball Cards

Jim, an A's fan, recently bought several packs of baseball cards which includeed a few of the Marlins players and here is what he had to say about them.

Another dude buntin[g] in pinstripes...Amezaga...A...m...e...z...a...g...a...Amezaga, Alfredo. He's on the Marlins, and he's bunting too. He's a shortstop, but looks like a pitcher. Uncomfortable, but to small for a pitcher.

Uh, Jim, Amezaga can bunt for a base hit better than most.  And definitely better than any pitcher I have ever seen.

His next card was Olivo.

Another it Pudge?...Grey uni...oh, it's the Marlins...Olivo, Miguel...I like to say his name...I guess.

While Olivo does have a good name, he should never be mistaken for Pudge.

And his final Marlins card.

"Star Power"'s...Miguel Cabrera...I guess he's pretty good...he's on thye Marlins....Oh, on the back of this card there's some pretty impressive facts. That I'm not gonna take the time to type here.

Actually, Cabrera is more than pretty good at the plate.

Jim can be forgiven for his lack of knowledge about the Marlins.  Let's face it, he is an A's fan and probably has never seen the Marlins play since we are only on local television and play the AL sparingly every year.

But that isn't the point of this post.

The reason I wrote it was to ask the following question: Have you seen baseball cards sold anywhere recently?

The place where I live now, no one sells them.  Packs of baseball cards aren't even sold in the sports memorabilia shop.  When I lived in Houston you could find them in every convenience store, but that was many years ago.  Are they still readily available?  Cause that hasn't been my experience.