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Sanchez is none too happy

Anibal isn't pleased with his situation.

Anibal Sanchez is unhappy about being on the minor-league disabled list, and his agent -- Beverly Hills Sports Council's Dan Lozano -- said he will file a grievance against the Marlins if an agreement isn't reached by week's end. Demoted to Triple A on May 4, Sanchez didn't pitch again before shoulder surgery June 21. He wants to be on the major-league DL to get a higher salary and collect service time to become arbitration-eligible sooner. It's too soon to tell whether he will be ready by spring training.

Whether you think his complaint is sour grapes or you agree with him, really doesn't matter.  He is well within his rights to file a grievance.

What will come of it, I have no idea.  But I do understand why he is going to pursue it.  I also know this, the Marlins organization doesn't want me sitting on the jury panel.