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Hanley Ramirez may have surgery

Ramirez is contemplating whether to fix his shoulder once and for all.

Shortstop Hanley Ramirez said there is a chance he might undergo surgery after the season to repair his injury-prone left shoulder.

''But I don't want to think about that right now,'' said Ramirez, who sustained a partially dislocated shoulder on Sunday, the second time in two seasons he has had the same injury.

Indications are Ramirez probably won't play until the upcoming series in San Francisco, though manager Fredi Gonzalez said Ramirez is starting to ''pester'' him about returning to the lineup.

Ramirez can take some comfort in knowing that, after an initial adjustment period when he his shoulder popped out of its socket in May of last season, he returned to peak form and went on to claim NL Rookie of the Year honors.

Having surgery to repair his shoulder will happen some time during his career.  If he wants to get it out of the way during the off-season instead of playing winter ball, that would be completely understandable.

And anyway, I'm sure Dr. Andrew's wife could use a new car, courtesy of the Marlins organization.