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Willis looked better

Having Treanor as the catcher seemed to to help Willis in last night's game.  But the local papers were focusing on one stat and one stat only.

Desperate to get pitcher Dontrelle Willis back on track, Marlins manager Fredi Gonzalez tried giving the struggling left-hander a new backstop Monday night.

But not even backup catcher Matt Treanor could help the D-Train get a win.

Let's stop right there.  Of all the pitching stats you can dream up, wins are the most out of the pitcher's control.  He could throw a no-hitter but some well place errors by his defense, along with the offense not scoring any runs and he could easily lose the game.

In order to log a win requires that your fellow eight do their part, and that doesn't always happen.  If it didn't matter, Sergio would have a much better record than 4-4.

I have no idea how many of you watched the game with the D-Backs broadcast last night, but they "interviewed" Treanor before the game about the pitches Dontrelle was going to throw in the game.  Matt told them that Willis has fallen in love with 2-seam fastball (which has a lot of movement) but he can't get over the plate.  Tonight, he said, he told Dontrelle that pitch was off limits and he could throw only the 4-seamer and mixing his breaking stuff.

Later in the game, when Kranitz went out to mound for a conference with Willis and started asking questions and making suggestions.  Treanor became very animated and started answering all the questions.  I don't think Dontrelle got a word in.  Kranitz eventually clapped his hands and headed out for the dugout.  Afterwards, Willis tapped Matt on the chest protector to indicate his gratitude.

While Willis didn't get the win, he did take a step forward.  Is he after one night back to the D-Train we all know and love?  Well, no.  But he could be on his way.

Who is catching has more effect on the game, than just to the bat they bring to the plate when it is their turn to hit.

It is possible that Fredi will continue to couple the two.

Gonzalez indicated Treanor, who works exclusively with pitcher Byung-Hyun Kim, would work with Willis again.

That would only be a good thing.