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Open Thread and Ichthyomancy: Marlins at Diamondbacks (7/24)

Let's try it again tonight.

The Marlins starting pitcher is Sergio Mitre.

Arizona has listed on the chalkboard Liván Hernández.

Game time is 9:40 p.m.

Mitre is better at home than he is on the road.  However,the really good news is that he is excellent indoor pitcher.  Given the D-Backs lineup, and if his sinker is on, he should post another quality outing.  Look for the D-Backs to have every right-handed batter they can find in the lineup.

Hernández is a former Marlin.  He received some acclaim when he was named the World Series MVP in 1997 as a Fish.  Last year he posted a 11.05 ERA against the Marlins in three starts, winning none of them.  This season, he hasn't won a game since May 27 but I do want to warn you, if he rights the ship and is doing good, there is almost no way to get him out of the game.  The Man has a bionic arm.

Ichthyomancy is pretending like it is ready to go.  It's a late start and we will be looking at some more midnight baseball.  So, therefore, you don't have to rush with your picks.

Here's today's Ichthyomancy pick table:

FishStriper Attendance Player AAB
Al State
Baseballfan 30,000 Ramirez Mitre: 5+ R, 4+ BB, K ≤ 3
Bobbob 30,000 Cabrera Marlins leadoff: OB 2+, 2+ R
Brickell 22,500 Mitre Mitre: no-hitter, no W
Bumppo 23,500 Uggla Mitre: W, Game 3+ HR
C60 22,000 Hermida Marlins: R+H > 20
Colombo 23,701 Cabrera Marlins: back-to-back HR
Fluxuation 21,233 Cabrera Marlins: 2 inn. with 5+ R
HadMatter 28,250 Olivo Cabrera: R+H+RBI > 3, Mitre W, time of game < 2H 42M
Hurricane 19,750 Cabrera Cabrera+Jacobs+Uggla+Willingham: cycle
Jim B 22,989 Mitre Marlins: 1+ HR, Wood 1+ H
Jrsyeagle 24,503 Cabrera Mitre 1+ IP, 5+ GO more than Hernandez
NYULaw 20,001 Mitre Mitre: QS

Best of Luck to Everyone!