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Ramirez Day-to-Day

Ramirez once again has his shoulder partially dislocate in an at bat.

Hanley Ramirez lunged for the off-speed pitch Sunday, dropped his bat and grabbed his left shoulder. The Marlins' shortstop, in obvious pain, headed for the dugout and soon was escorted down the stairs and into the clubhouse and replaced at the plate by Cody Ross.

The awkward swing, on Reds starter Bronson Arroyo's second pitch of the game, caused Ramirez to partially dislocate his shoulder. The shoulder popped back in on its own minutes after he left the field. Ramirez will definitely miss tonight's game in Arizona, the start of a seven-game road trip for the Marlins, but the hope is he will return this week.

HadMatter provided some medical details in yesterday's Open Thread.

This happened twice last season with the second time including some time on the 15-day DL, IIRC.

Hanley is eventually going to need surgery on his shoulder to correct this problem.  It is probably not a must that he has it done immediately, though given how this season is going, it might not be a bad idea.  But eventually he will undergo the scope/knife.

Bluefin shares the early rumors about Hanley's injury in his very timely diary post. Much like Bluefin, I doubt that site is right on this issue.