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Brett Carroll sent down

Ah, the price one pays for having options still available.

OF Brett Carroll was optioned to Triple-A Albuquerque after scoring the winning run in Sunday's game to make room for a pitcher.

In his place the Marlins are expected to call-up a relief pitcher.

Of course, it has nothing to do with the crappy job Benitez has done recently.

Gonzalez said the decision had nothing to do with RHP Armando Benitez, who complained of tightness in his back after giving up seven runs (six earned) in the last two games.

"Our bullpen was extended, and we needed an extra pitcher," Gonzalez said.  "Armando is going through a period like all pitchers and hitters go through."

Yeah, that 81.00 ERA that Benitez put up in his last two outings wouldn't cause me any concern either.

It is true that the Marlins can use some extra arms, especially since that the rain has killed the starts of our inning eaters.  But it is curious to me that every time Benitez has a bad outing he has tightness in his back, which could be completely true.  But one would think he could bring that up in the bullpen before entering the game.  Just a thought.

Carroll could be back up with the club after the All-Star break at the latest.