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Dontrelle's Outing

A good site about the Marlins would have something to say about Dontrelle's performance last night.  But this isn't one of those.

I didn't see a pitch in last night's game nor do I have the slightest idea what the radar gun was reading, such are Wednesdays in my life.  But judging by the box score there is something going on.  It could be he is dealing with an injury and not telling anyone.  And believe me, he would have to tell the coaches for them to notice.  Maybe Krantiz has been screwing with his mechanics so much that everything is outta of whack, I don't know.

 But I do know this: I will be studying him when he makes his next start.  Not that I'm any expert on pitching or that my assessment will make any difference, but something is wrong.  The man has proven he can pitch at a high level in the Majors and that kind of talent doesn't desert a 25 year-old over night.