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Scott Olsen is back with the team

Olsen after serving his suspension, is back with the big club.

After serving his two-game suspension for insubordination and conduct detrimental to the team, Scott Olsen rejoined the Marlins and the left-hander is on schedule to start on Friday.

Scott took the words of his mentor to heart and asked for forgiveness from his teammates.

"I think he's apologized to everyone he needs to individually," said pitcher Dontrelle Willis, who has mentored Olsen. "Everybody is fine."

While Olsen didn't talk to the media about the event, he is not required to and shouldn't be.

Matt Treanor had this to say to Scott upon his return to the team:

"Basically, we were talking about baseball and the team and what it means for him to be on the club," Treanor said. "When [Olsen] stays focused he's a huge asset. ... This is the little confusion the club doesn't need. I went on to tell him we need to forget all this happened and move forward instead of lingering on it. We're right there. We're in the thick of it and this is the time we need to be turning it up a little bit.

"I told him, 'You have a good heart. I know you're a good guy, and for what it's worth we need you to be focused on baseball and take care of your business that way.'"


"He's not a jerk," Treanor said. "Everybody can be a jerk. It just so happens the times he's not likable it's in the middle of TV and the dugout. If something were going down, family or something serious, and he happened to be in the room, he's one of the first guys to help out. He's a good-hearted guy. He's very likable."

Like many before him, Treanor encouraged Olsen not to let little things take him out of his game. Treanor thinks the message got through this time.

"He's going to really think about this, and maybe the suspension, sitting at home, watching us play while he's not here ... you feel like you're out of the mix," Treanor said. "I told him, 'We need you.' Bottom line is this is why we're all in Florida and why we're all working together. This is why we play baseball, to win, and we need him to win."

There was no reason for him to seek out Treanor on his return, other than he obviously respects his opinion.

Would it be possible to have Treanor catch Olsen along with Kim?  I think it would help the young pitcher in many, many ways.