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Olsen suspended by the team

As you already know, assuming you read the game Open Thread, HadMatter reported that the Marlins had suspended Scott Olsen.

Marlins pitcher Scott Olsen, who fought with teammates at least twice last season, has done it again.

After a successful, but frustrating, five-inning outing Sunday, sources said Olsen scuffled with fellow starter Sergio Mitre in a tunnel behind the Florida dugout during the bottom of the fifth.

Olsen was suspended by the team Monday for two games without pay for insubordination and conduct detrimental to the team, manager Fredi Gonzalez said.

The trouble apparently began with a faulty button on Olsen's jersey.

The early stories had the cause of the altercation with Mitre reported this way:

Olsen, the sources said, exchanged words with Mitre, another starter, who had approached the left-hander to console him after a rocky outing. The pitchers scuffled, a source said.

Something about that never sounded right.  Sure Olsen is high-strung and hot tempered but I still had a problem with that story.  Even for someone with Olsen's temperament that would seem unlikely.

As the night went on, a more plausible explanation was reported.

The trouble apparently began with a faulty button on Olsen's jersey.

After Olsen came off the mound in the middle of the fifth inning, he tore off his jersey, threw it at a clubhouse attendant and demanded a new one.

Sources said Mitre admonished Olsen for his behavior. That led to the scuffle while third baseman Miguel Cabrera was at bat.

Okay, that one I can buy.

Scott ought to know better than messing with the clubbies.  One, it is bad form and you shouldn't treat other people that way.  But there is also another reason, the players rely on them for various services.

I have no doubt after Mitre stood up for the attendant, they will gleefully wash and detail Mitre's car, pickup his clothes at cleaners and walk his dog when the team is on the road.

But if Olsen were to ask one of the attendants to make a run to Starbucks and get some chocolate-covered coffee beans, a favorite amongst the players, the clubbie will dutifully go get them and will no doubt be spitting in the package the whole way back to the park.

Bad move Scott.  Very bad move.