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The Amazing Amezaga

Alfredo continues to impress as a center fielder.

Since his extended duty in center field began last season, Alfredo Amezaga has made a handful of spectacular catches.

Lost amid the running grabs and diving snares is an outstanding arm. Sunday, Amezaga threw out Rafael Belliard trying to score from second on a Felipe Lopez single and kept the tying run from scoring.

The one-hop throw arrived in plenty of time and was right on line.


Only Aaron Rowand (nine) has more assists than Amezaga (eight) among major league center fielders.

Making Amezaga's total all the more impressive is that he's played 286 2/3 fewer innings in center than his Phillies counterpart.

Which is more outfield assist than Willingham and Hermida have combined.  And the Marlins have a center field problem?

Actually they do, but thanks to Alfredo it isn't the most pressing problem.  The reason there is a problem with center field is that with Amezaga playing the position most everyday it wears him down as the season goes on.  Especially since the team expects Alfredo to do more than just play center, he is the backup shortstop and second baseman.  Thankfully, Wood is up with team so he doesn't have to backup the corner positions as well, this season.

But you have to admit, Amezaga has turned into a pretty decent center fielder.