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More on the Samson debacle

It just keeps getting better and better as the stories are released like this one about the Seattle GM having something to say but keeping it to himself, sort of.

...and keeps a pretty low profile compared to some other general managers.

Not anymore. In responding to the ridiculous assertion by Marlins president David Samson that Ichiro's contract was "the end of the world as we know it", Bavasi said this:

"My mother always taught me that if the only thing you have to say is, '(Expletive) Dave Samson,' then don't say anything at all," Bavasi said Thursday. "So I'm not going to say anything at all. Is my mother the greatest or what?"

No problem, we think the same thing.  Only sometimes we don't heed our mother's advice.

(Hat tip to Enjoy the Enjoyment)