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Steve Harwell's throw was "Just a bit outside"

Naturally, I didn't see it, but all reports are that Harwell is a better singer than he is a pitcher.

The lead singer of Smash Mouth gave a better performance in the rock band's post-game concert Saturday than he did throwing out the first pitch before the game.

Steven Harwell's toss was so bad it skidded past its generous intended target - the rotund mascot Billy the Marlin.

"He yelled at me,'' infielder Jason Wood, who caught a pitch from another band member. "He said, 'Why didn't you catch that ball?' I said 'Because you threw it way outside. You couldn't even hit Billy the Marlin.' ''

I was told he is a pretty snappy dresser wearing a Marlins shirt and all.  So I guess some allowances should be given.