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More on the Samson debacle

The Mariners front office responds.

''The Seattle Mariners ownership and management have never criticized another team for whatever they have done, even if one might consider it to be folly,'' Mariners president Chuck Armstrong told The Seattle Times. ``It strikes us as bizarre that Samson would go public and make such a statement.''

Take heart, Samson strikes us as bizarre too.

The only thing I can conclude is that he likes the taste of his foot because he keeps putting it in his mouth.

And this was the guy in charge of handling the stadium negotiations with the local governments.  No wonder a stadium deal hasn't been struck.  He knows nothing about baseball and even less about diplomatic relations.  While I realize he is going to continue on as the Marlins president, it would be nice if he would learn to think before he speaks.  But I'm probably asking for too much.