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Breaking in a Glove

If you want to break in a new glove, there are a lot methods to choose from: shaving cream, sleeping on it, the microwave, soaking it, etc.

But the Perry Hill method is this:

Former Florida Marlins infield coach Perry Hill developed a following with his simple method: He flips the glove inside out to give it flexibility.

Hill's disciples include Gold Glovers Luis Castillo of Minnesota and Boston's Mike Lowell, both of whom learned it from him when they played for the Marlins.

``There is a lot of tradition in the game and to go against it and try something new, it takes a lot of trust,'' Hill said.

Naturally you can read the article and choose the method you think is best suited for you and your new glove.  But for my money, I'm going with Perry.  I just wish I had heard about this technique back when I was in High School.