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Cabrera good to go?

There is still some question as to whether Cabrera will play tonight or not.

Miguel Cabrera took batting practice Thursday during a mandatory team workout at Dolphin Stadium and said he likely would be ready to go tonight.

The third baseman jammed his left shoulder diving for a ball at Dodger Stadium on Saturday, pulled out of the Home Run Derby and struck out in a pinch at-bat Tuesday in the All-Star Game.

He said he still was feeling discomfort in the shoulder but thought it likely he would be able to play tonight against the Nationals.

Said Marlins manager Fredi Gonzalez: ``I expect him to be ready to go.''

If there is any doubt, leave him on the bench.  Should he feel like he can bat but throwing is a problem, he makes one potent pinch hitter.  Hopefully all is well and we will see him in the lineup tonight.

An off-topic note: there won't be many post since I have to be at work incredibly early today.