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Samson continues to embarrass

It is bad enough that this idiot rants on local radio and I do understand why the tool is allowed to speak every week -- it makes for good AM radio.  But this time it made it on ESPN so the whole world could hear that the Marlins president has absolutely no idea what he is talking about.

(Via a Lookout Landing diary post).

"Take the sport down", you have got be kidding me.  Roger Clemens is making $28 million this season and Alex Rodriguez has been making on average $25 million a year for the last six season and will continue to do so for another three.  No, I don't think signing Ichiro for an average of $20 million a year is going to ruin the sport.  Let's face it, there is a lot money in the game, not in Florida, but there is elsewhere.

At this point in his career the Mariners are asking him to get on base and score runs, which he is very, very good at doing.

In the future, the Mariners may move him to the three-hole where they will ask him to hit for power which I have no doubt he will do, hitting about 35 home runs a season.  Ichiro is a special talent at the plate and if the Mariners are smart, they will lock him up for the rest of his career.

That doesn't even begin to bring in the fact that he is probably one of the biggest fan draws in two countries.  Ichiro puts people in the seats and adds to the television viewing audience meaning more revenue for the club. Not to mention he is spectacular in the field.

If you don't believe me that Ichiro is worth the money, read the article written at the USSM about their predictions for his baseball future.

There is a reason that Samson doesn't get to make decisions about the baseball side of the operations, he is a fool.

The final analysis is this: could someone shut Samson up -- he is embarrassing us all.  But then again, that is nothing new.