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Different Management Styles

As we all know, or at least guessed, Fredi has a different managerial style than Joe did.

When the '06 team struggled, Girardi made his unhappiness known in team meetings and called out specific mistakes that bothered him. If Gonzalez is unhappy about something a player did, he prefers to tell him in private, the player said.

Personally, Fredi's style would be better suited for me, if I were a player, but that doesn't mean it would be the best for everyone.

Really the bottom line is that we have no idea about how Fredi is handling the situations he considers to be problem areas.  At least, not in the same way we did with Jack or Joe who weren't shy about making it public.  Fredi keeps it in house and away from the media.  I have always been a fan of praise in the public and criticize in private but your mileage may vary.