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Cabrera is still iffy for tonight

Cabrera will reevaluate his shoulder today to determine whether he is going to request to play.

Cabrera, who jammed his left shoulder diving for a ball Saturday in Los Angeles, is hoping to at least pinch hit tonight but will not know if he'll be available until he takes some swings before the game.

"I'm not going to move my shoulder much today," Cabrera said Monday. "I'd love to play but if I don't feel good I don't think I would play."


If I don't feel better I think Fredi won't let me play," Cabrera said, smiling.

Fredi better not.

Actually, even if he is feeling better I hope Fredi keeps him out of the game.  This is a stinkin' exhibition game and it's not worth risking the possibility that playing in it could lead to Cabrera missing even more games than was necessary to recover from the initial injury.

But it does sound like Cabrera is aware of where his priorities should be.

Cabrera said his priority is to be ready for the start of the second half of the season.

The way I see it, Miguel should go out on the field when the teams are introduced.  When they call his name, tip his cap and wave to the crowd with his right hand and then sit on the bench and cheerlead.

If Cabrera doesn't play, Freddy Sanchez will probably be the back up to Wright, assuming the Mets third baseman doesn't play the full nine.