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Day One of the Draft is in the Books

The first day of the draft is complete and Maverick has some new players to follow.

While I'm not much of a draft guy since most will play as many games as I have in the major leagues, which would be zero in case you were wondering.  I think this year's first rounder has a real shot.  Matt Dominguez grew up around the game and that should only serve him well in his quest to play at the highest level.

It turns out his Uncle is a long time agent and Matt has spent time around players hoping for the promise land.

His adviser is his uncle Gus Dominguez, a well-known player agent who has represented the likes of Vladimir Guerrero, Ariel Prieto and Rey Ordonez through the years.

Unfortunately Uncle Gus is also known for more than being a long time agent.  You probably heard the story but if you didn't, click here.

But this isn't Uncle Gus's day, it's Matt's day.

Probably the most interesting thing after he was drafted was the conference call posted on the Official Site.   I probably spend more time reading articles from all of the writers who called-in than some, so that made it of interest to me to hear their voices.  But believe me, that is not what I'm talking about when I say it was interesting.  I, for the life of me, can't figure out why they didn't edit the thing before it was posted.  If I have throughly confused you, give it a listen, I think you will understand.

The Conference Call.