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Day Off Today

The Marlins have a much deserved day off today.  So that means the generic open thread is front and center.

If you are tired of talking about the draft, you could lend your thoughts on how well the team did going 7-4 in ten days on the longest road trip of the year.  It was really quite good.

Or possibly you like to discuss how that little girl for Arizona, and I'm sure Taryne Mowatt would take exception to me calling her a little girl and she would have every right too, pitched over 1000 innings in a week to lead the Wildcats to the NCAA Championship.  I mean, really, who ever heard of a team only having one pitcher.  It was incredible what she did.

Perhaps, you have something else on your mind.  If you do, here is the thread you were looking for to express it.

As always, have a great day!