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Hermida's black eye

If you look very closely at his eye, assuming can see it through his extended war paint, Hermida has a shiner.

Jeremy Hermida applied a little extra eye black to the area below his left eye in hopes of covering up a nasty shiner he incurred Tuesday night.

How did the Marlins' right fielder get it? Not in a scuffle, he said, but while using a batting tee.

Before pinch hitting in the ninth inning, Hermida popped into a room just off the visitors dugout. He hit a ball that missed the net and bounced off a rope, he said, and it "shot right back" at his eye.

"No other person was involved," said a slightly embarrassed Hermida. "I'm not going in that room again."

No wonder he has a .217 BA and spends most of his time on the DL, he can't even hit a ball off a tee into a net without hurting himself.

Jeremy, we kid because we love.