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Uggla is going for the Marlins double record

Danny is on fire when it comes to hitting doubles.

Second baseman Dan Uggla added two more doubles to his team-leading total Sunday and trails Phillies counterpart Chase Utley by one for tops in the National League.

Uggla is 10 for 26 (.385) during the first seven games of the road trip and eight of those hits have gone for extra bases. With three more doubles Uggla will match last season's total (26).

At his current clip, he'll finish with 65 and shatter the season club record Miguel Cabrera established last season (50).

"If I'm not hitting homers at least I'm getting doubles," Uggla said.

Uggla also leads the team with 12 home runs, including three on this trip, and is on pace for 34.

While Danny's batting average is off from last season, his slugging percentage has skyrocketed, from last year's .480 to the present mark of .546.  Not to mention his OBP has increased from last season's .339 to .351.  Uggla is also on pace to eclipse to number of strikeouts he had last year.  Strikeouts really don't matter to a hitter as along as when they hit the ball, it is productive.  Sure, Danny strikes out a lot, as do most of the Marlins, but when he connects, normally something very good happens.

It turns out that we Fish fans aren't the only ones that are Uggla fans, Danny gets some love from the blog Out Of Left Field.