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Open Thread and Ichthyomancy: Marlins at Brewers (6/3)

The Marlins will be trying to even the series today.  After which, we say goodbye to Milwaukee for another season, that is, unless we meet up in the playoffs.  I have no doubt that the television and radio crews have eaten enough Brats to last them a lifetime.  It is after all, the best stadium concession on the planet or at least, the best one I have found.

The Marlins starting pitcher is none other than Dontrelle Willis.

The Brewers have on tap some guy named Ben Sheets.

Game time is 2:05 p.m.

Willis is by far the Marlins best day game starter, just as he was last year.  His ERA in day games this season is 1.50 and his lifetime ERA at Miller Park is 2.63.  The Marlins have won 9 of his 12 starts this season, including the last three in a row.

Sheets is going with an extra day of rest in order to nurse a blister on his throwing hand.  He hasn't allowed more than 3 ER in his last eight starts and he pitches better at home than on the road.  The silver lining is: he pitches allows more runs in day games than in ones played at night.  No one considers him to be the ace of the staff, well, except for me and possibly a couple of other people.

Icthyomancy is partially awake for the normal Sunday day game.  We are still going with Sausages Race picks, when the race results updater returns from their bender and updates the results, the points will be awarded.  In the meantime, if you happen to hear who wins today's race, please let us know.  As always, your options are: Bratwurst, Polish, Italian, Hot Dog and Chorizo.

Here's today's Ichthyomancy pick table:

FishStriper Attendance Player AAB
Al State
Bobbob 30,000 Cabrera Marlins leadoff: OB 2+, 2+ R
Brickell 33,000 Willis Willis: BB+H ≤ IP
Brooklyn 36,000 Willis Willis: OB > 1
C60 44,000 Cabrera Marlins: H+R > 20
Colombo 38,593 Willis Willis: CG
Fluxuation Willis
Gottabethefives 28,000 Cabrera Cabrera: 3+ RBI
HadMatter 43,000 Willis Willingham: H+R+RBI+TB > 5
Jacob 36,363 Amezaga Game: K=23
Jim B 41,500 Willis Wood: XBH
NYULaw 42,101 Willis Willis: 6+ K

Best of Luck to Everyone!