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Open Thread and Ichthyomancy: Braves at Marlins (6/29)

The Marlins will welcome the all of sudden resurgent Braves to JRS.  Atlanta had gone 3-9 in its previous 12 games before playing their most recent series against the Nats, which the Braves swept.  Hopefully, they will find their losing ways once again in South Florida.

The Marlins starting pitcher is Josh Johnson.

The Braves will trot Chuck James to the hill.

Game time is 7:05 p.m.

Johnson is still trying to pitch himself back to form.  His history against the Braves is good, but that really doesn't mean anything tonight.  Josh is making his third start since coming off the DL and the club is looking for him to continue to improve.

James is a lefty, which makes him the fourth lefty to face the Marlins in the last five games.  Therefore look for the Marlins lefty lineup we have all come to know and love.  Speaking of which, Willingham has a bum knee and since he has some problems against left-handed pitchers, Carroll and Amezaga may both start.  Now to James, who knows.  The Fish couldn't hit him last year but he has had his troubles on the road this season.  Not to mention, for the Marlins, facing a lefty ain't nothing new.

A little bit of trivia: if you make out to the park and happen to get there early enough for the first pitch, here is who you will be seeing making the toss.

Sgt. Slaughter, a wrestling legend, will throw the first pitch before the Florida Marlins/Atlanta Braves game which starts 7:05 p.m. Saturday, June 30 at Dolphin Stadium in South Florida.

Slaughter, who currently works behind the scenes for WWE, will also sign autographs at the Gate H Strike Zone prior to the game. For ticket information, calll 1-877-MARLINS.

Sure, he can execute a body slam but can he locate a fast ball?  I guess the answer will be provided tonight.

Ichthyomancy is ready for action.

Here's today's Ichthyomancy pick table:

FishStriper Attendance Player AAB
Al State
Baseballfan 15,300 Cabrera
Bobbob 15,000 Cabrera Marlins: 10+ H
Brickell 18,500 Johnson Johnson: QS
Bumppo 17,600 Carroll Johnson: H, BB, R < last start, IP > last start
C60 18,000 Ramirez Johnson: QS
Colombo 13,455 Cabrera Johnson: QS
Dan 15,151 Uggla Game: 7 pitchers
Fluxuation Cabrera
HadMatter 17,486 Jacobs Johnson: K > 5, BB < 4
Jim B 16,004 Ramirez Marlins: team LOB 6
Jrsyeagle 17,000 Cabrera Johnson: W, James: L, IP < 6

Best of Luck to Everyone!