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Treanor the catcher

Matt Treanor had a good day yesterday which adds to my curiosity about why he isn't catching more.

A tape-measure blast it wasn't, but the 331-foot home run that barely cleared the left-field wall still felt good to Matt Treanor.

"It was probably the shortest home run in South Florida history,'' the Marlins catcher said with a laugh.


"When I score, there's never the arm-bashing, so it was kind of interesting the first time I did that with the fellas,'' he said of his dugout greeting after scoring.

Treanor had two hits, his fourth multihit game in his past six starts. He has nine hits in his past six games, raising his average from .176 to .273.

Treanor said he has played with more confidence since spending time earlier in the month with Dr. Jeffrey A. Fishbein, the Marlins' team psychologist.

First off, Treanor is putting up better offensive stats than Olivo.  Of course, the sample size for Treanor is pretty small but let's check them out anyway.

Olivo  259  .247  .263  .386
Treanor  55  .273  .353  .418

If Treanor is starting to hit, he deserves more time behind the plate. After all he is a better defensive catcher than Olivo and he does better job handling the pitchers. This was proven over and over again last season that when a pitcher was struggling he would be coupled with Matt in order to get him back in rhythm and it normally worked.

If you compare the Catcher ERA for the two players, and yes, I know there are a lot of problems with that stat, however, Treanor is doing a superior job of handling the staff.

Player CERA
Olivo  .471
Treanor  .388

I'm not saying, at this point, Treanor should be starting but he should be catching more and preferably it should be the pitchers who are struggling the most. And anyway, Olivo isn't going to make it all the way through the season if he continues to carry the workload that is presently being placed upon him.