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While Hialeah appears to be no longer an option, I still think if the race track had been incorporated into a new stadium it would've made an unbelievably cool stadium.

The track's opulent fountains are dry. Rows of empty green seats are covered with dust. Hialeah's 1 1/8-mile racing oval is overgrown with grass, and the roar of packed stands has been replaced with the noise of nearby commuter traffic.

Those who remember Hialeah Park's past say it was magnificent, which makes its current condition that much more sad.

"It's like a beautiful woman whose time has come and gone," track owner John Brunetti said.

The historic park -- once visited by Winston Churchill and the host of champions such as Citation and Seabiscuit -- has been edged out by rival tracks and become a relic of racing.


...former jockey Ron Turcotte, who worked out Triple Crown champion Secretariat on the track. "It was one of my favorite places. You'd spend winters there. The flamingos, the flowers, everything was so pretty."


The famous flock of flamingos that flew over the track during the seventh race each day still lives at the park, but racing is gone.

Yes, I know the problems with Hialeah being the site for a new baseball only ballpark for the Marlins, assuming the team gets one.  However, if you can't imagine what a great looking and unique ballpark that could have been built there -- well, then, it's time to go back and reread some Dr. Suess books and rekindle that creative spirit.