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Some Happy Campers

The camping crew brought smiles to the player's faces.

More than 21,000 kids on summer vacation learned a lesson Thursday: Camp can be scary, even on a sunny afternoon at the ballpark.

In front of 31,628 on Camp Day, the Marlins nearly blew an 8-2 lead before hanging on to beat the Pirates 9-7 and snap a four-game skid.

"Did I notice them? Yeah,'' pitcher Scott Olsen said of the 21,402 kids from day camps in Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade counties, the largest Camp Day in Marlins history.

"They were louder than everybody else that comes. Every day should be camp day. Noise is good.''

Catcher Matt Treanor's two-run home run, his first of the season, in the fifth inning provided the difference on a day when Dolphin Stadium looked like a colorful quilt from camp groups wearing bright T-shirts, all cheering every play.

"It's pretty cool to hear them all yelling and screaming like that,'' said first baseman Mike Jacobs (3-for-4).

If you have never been to the park on Camp Day, and I haven't, but from my understanding there is a constant buzz in the stadium.  Most of the time it isn't about baseball and sometimes is at inappropriate moments, but once again, who cares?

You just gotta love the enthusiasm they bring to watching a game and every year they scream at the top of their lungs for the Marlins. Now, whether they are Marlins fans or not, who knows? But at least for one day a year, they are.

Camp Day is a good day.