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The Jacque Jones Trade Collapses

Not that this really bothers me.

The Marlins and Chicago Cubs talked trade. But the trigger was never pulled on a proposed deal that would have sent outfielder Jacque Jones to the Marlins.

The Marlins problem isn't center field, it's the number of starters on the DL.  Well that, and the crappy defense.  Now that Carroll is onboard and platooning with Amezaga, the hitting is decent and the defense is good enough.  Is it the best it could be?  Probably not, but given the holes in the team, it ain't that bad.

I've never understood why everyone is so concerned about center field.  Sure, the Marlins would like more production from the position but you can say the same thing about left and right field.  While it is true that Amezaga isn't a long term option at the position, neither was Jones.  However, it is conceivable that Carroll could be.  And if not, De Aza will walk again.