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The Orange Bowl and UM

The University of Miami has yet to make their decision on whether they will play the 2008 season at Orange Bowl or JRS.  But either way, it could have an effect on the Marlins stadium situation.

The Marlins' lease at the stadium runs through the 2010 season. When asked what happens if the team does not have a new ballpark by then, Huizenga said, "Very interesting question. I don't know. That's why we gave them plenty of notice [about their lease expiring]."

Asked if he would kick the Marlins out without a place to play, he said, "It depends what's going on. Things might change if the University of Miami comes. Then it's more of a conflict, but that's kind of undecided at this stage."

Wow, it's nice to know that Huizenga values 7 home games by a college football team more than 81 home games by a Major League baseball team.

As everyone knows, the Marlins need to get out from under his thumb as quickly as possible.  He is no friend to the Fish.