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Boone Injured?

This season just keeps going from bad to worse, as far as injuries go.

Aaron Boone and the Marlins received a scare when the first baseman ''tweaked'' his left knee on Sunday, forcing his removal.

But Boone and manager Fredi Gonzalez said they don't believe the injury to be serious.

''I've had a little knee experience so I think it was more panic than anything,'' Boone said, referring to surgery on his left knee that caused him to miss the 2004 season.

Boone felt discomfort in the left knee when he made a sudden change in direction on a cutoff play in the fourth inning. He said if the knee feels bad today, he will contact the team and schedule a magnetic resonance imaging exam.

''We may not even need that,'' he said. ``I think I'm OK.''

Hopefully, it is as they say.  But honestly, the first assessment of injuries by the club has been less than stellar this season.

If Boone should go on the DL, and with any luck that isn't the case, look for a pitcher to be brought up.  The bullpen is taxed and the starters are dropping like flies.  Of course it is possible that they would bring up a position player, but I doubt it since Wood can play first.