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TV Blackout

If you thought you were going to see Marlins play the Twins tonight, you need to think again.

The weekend's here, and the Marlins are playing the Minnesota Twins, regular playoff contenders in the American League Central but a team the Marlins might play only once a decade. What a great night to kick back and watch a ballgame.

Alas, if you're planning to do it, a drive to Dolphin Stadium had better be in your plans. Fox Sports Florida/Sun Sports is not carrying the game.

Much to my sadness, my weekend doesn't start on Friday.  But even if yours does, you aren't going to see the game if you are counting on FSN or Sun to bring it into your place of residence.

While this travesty has happened a lot recently, there is good news on the horizon.

The one consolation to fans who will have only radio access tonight is that it won't happen again this season. This is the final non-televised game of 2007.

If you want to know all particulars, read the entire article and then explain to me how corporate mergers in the local broadcast industry benefit the consumer.  If you do put forth a reason, expect a response, and mine won't be in agreement.