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A Marlin Needed

The Delray Beach Public Library is looking for a little help.

Finally, Friday will be Kids Day. Peggy Adams will return and The Museum of Lifestyle and Fashion History will be there to help kids decorate baseball caps. Staples will be back with school supplies. There will be music and a Bucky Dent baseball school hitting demonstration.

Also, Martin said they were trying to get someone from the Florida Marlins to make an appearance but had not confirmed that.

Hang in there Delray Beach, the Marlins will be be back in town tonight.  If you will settle for Billy the Marlin or the Mermaids, who I have no doubt would do an excellent job, that can probably be easily arranged.  But if your heart's desire is someone from the baseball side of the organization, I wouldn't push the issue, not just yet. If you do, you could end up with David Samson, and no one wants that for the kids.

Let the team get back to town and I can almost guarantee some of the players will be more than happy to attend the event.