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Best Managed Organization?

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In case you didn't hear or read the comment by Jrsyeagle yesterday, former Marlins manager, Joe Girardi, is being interviewed today for the job as Orioles manager.  If Joe is a fit for the Orioles, fantastic, but that isn't what this post is about.  It just so happens that he and the Orioles situation are presented in the following:

The voters surmised Girardi must be the reason, but the voters missed that the Marlins success had much more to do with the front office than its manager. Without Girardi, the Marlins are on a pace to win about the same number of games they won last year. In my book, I find Florida to be the best managed organization in baseball before Girardi even showed up. The Marlins were happy to let Girardi go because they knew he had little to do with the team's success.

The Marlins are the best managed organization in baseball?  I know the front office is good and one of the best in the game, but the best.  I would've thought the Braves would have taken that honor.  The title of his book is The Baseball Economist and I humor myself in thinking I know a little about both subjects: baseball and economics.  Perhaps I will buy it just to see how he arrives at his conclusion.  I'm not disputing his work, I've just never heard anyone say it before who wasn't a Marlins fan.