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George Brett -- Who's he?

For some reason, I think this is priceless.

Matt Treanor's mother says it was for 30 minutes, but Treanor said it was more like five minutes. What's not in dispute is the fact that Hall of Famer George Brett was indeed put on hold when he called the Treanor family's house one day after the Kansas City Royals drafted Treanor in the fourth round in 1994.

"My sister Michelle was talking on the phone to one of her friends,'' Treanor said Friday, "and another call came in. 'Matt, there's someone on the phone from the Royals. His name is George Brett?'

"My dad was like, 'Give him the phone! Give him the phone!' He was panicking, like (Brett) was going to hang up. She was on the line for a few (more) minutes.''

Brett, a 13-time All Star third baseman for the Royals from 1973-93, never complained about being put on hold.

"She had no idea who he was,'' Treanor said, adding that Brett had called to welcome him to the Royals and to discuss a contract.

If I had been drafted by the Kansas City Royals at the age of 18, I think there is a chance my sisters may have known who George Brett was at that time.  But that doesn't mean he wouldn't have been put on hold while she finished her conversation with her friend.

My very wonderful sisters always had their priorities, and on some occasions, they didn't match mine. I suspect Mr. Brett would've been listening to some dead air at my house also.