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Last Night's Uniforms

According to this story, the players weren't very impressed with the uniforms.

The Marlins didn't care for the throwback jerseys they wore Thursday to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the 1997 World Series team. Center fielder Alfredo Amezaga said the vest tops belonged in basketball.

But starting pitcher Dontrelle Willis had fun with his.

A couple of hours before taking the mound to face the Cleveland Indians, the team the '97 Marlins defeated in the Series, Willis acted out Craig Counsell's winning run in Game 7.

''If I score a run tonight, I'm going to be Craig Counsell,'' Willis said, jumping and raising his arms the way Counsell did.

Funny, that's not what Dave and Roxy reported on the radio during their broadcast.  They both said the players loved them and couldn't wait to wear them.

Personally, I thought they looked great.  I have always liked the vest type uniforms and last night they looked exceptionally good.  Of course, maybe I was just being nostalgic.

What did you think of the uniforms?