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The Willis Scare

In case you were wondering what happened last night when Dontrelle was writhing in pain on the ground.

In the third, Willis went down.

For a few moments, it appeared Boone's throwing error on Grady Sizemore's short chopper would have much more serious repercussions than just the eventual run the Indians would score off it.

Having fallen after reaching out in full sprint to bare-hand Boone's errant, wide throw, Willis rolled on the dirt near first base writhing in pain and holding his left, throwing hand.

"[Sizemore] ran into my hand and my whole arm cramped up. My hand wouldn't open up. It was more shock than anything," Willis said. "Once I was able to loosen up a little bit, it was a lot better. I still feel a little twinge in my arm, but I'll be all right."

I didn't see this happen, since I wasn't home from work yet, but from HadMatter's description of the event in the comments, it was quite scary.

It is pretty amazing that Willis pitched as well as he did with the lingering muscle twinges.  Muscle cramps can be ungodly painful and not to mention that they can make one's hand next to useless.

But then again, Dontrelle has been known to do some pretty amazing things.