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Owens to the DL, again

Henry has once again been placed on the DL, retroactive to June 9.

Reliever Henry Owens is heading back to the disabled list because of inflammation in his right (throwing) shoulder. But he said this injury is different from the one that landed him on the DL last month.

Instead of the front of the shoulder, it's the back that's bothering him.

Owens said he first noticed discomfort Friday in a relief outing against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. When the soreness persisted for a couple of days, he notified trainers.

''Maybe it's the workload at the major-league level,'' manager Fredi Gonzalez said of Owens, a rookie who has made 22 appearances and was the team's closer briefly.

The major-league level workload could very well be right, but it may also be time to examine the pitching program the Marlins are using.  Last time I checked, 60 percent of last year's rotation is on the DL or in rehab and that doesn't included Mitre.  The Marlins pitchers are dropping like flies and it could be the strain on the young arms from the amount of work either last season or the present one.  But in Owens case, he is on pace to pitch less than 54 IP this year and he has averaged over 50 IP over the last three seasons.

Maybe it is time to consider looking at the throwing program.