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Uggla is on pace for Doubles Record

We already have discussed how Danny was on track for the Marlins single-season record for doubles.  Well, it turns out that he on pace for the NL record also.

As a rookie last year, Dan Uggla broke a record held by former New York Yankees great Joe Gordon. Now, Uggla is setting his sights on a mark held by St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Famer Joe "Ducky" Medwick.

With 25 doubles in 64 games, Uggla is on pace for 64 doubles, which would match the National League record set by Medwick in 1936. (Earl Webb of Boston holds the American League record with 67 in 1931.)

Last year, Uggla's 27 homers broke the major-league record for rookie second basemen. Gordon had 24 in 1938.

Danny is on fire as of late and given his history of breaking long standing records, betting against him doing it would be a huge mistake.