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The 1997 World Series Champions to be Honored

The Marlins, as they are all season long, are honoring our first World Series Championship and doing so especially this series.

During their three-game series with Cleveland starting tonight, the Marlins will celebrate the 10-year anniversary of their first championship, won in seven games over the Indians.

Fans can have their pictures taken with the 1997 World Series trophy at the Community Corner at Dolphin Stadium.

On Thursday, the Marlins will wear 1997 throwback uniforms, and a number of players from that team will be on hand for a pre-game ceremony.

Players expected to attend are pitchers Alex Fernandez, Al Leiter, Jay Powell, Dennis Cook and Pat Rapp; infielders Alex Arias, Darren Daulton and Kurt Abbott; outfielders Devon White, Todd Dunwoody and John Cangelosi; catcher Charles Johnson; and utility man Jim Eisenreich.

Rhonda Johnson, the wife of Charles Johnson, will sing the national anthem Thursday.

Thursday will be the big night for the celebration, I don't how many Indians remain on the club from the 1997 team but I'm guessing probably none.  The Marlins roster doesn't have a player from their 1997 team.  I guess it is possible there is still an Indian active who played during that era, since they didn't go through a fire sale, but I doubt it.

Anyway, the Indians are being good sports about this and should be commended.