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Plunk Boone

While I doubt that anyone will start a website dedicated to the plunking of Boone, the way they have for Biggo. But that doesn't mean that Boone isn't record bound.

...the Marlins' Aaron Boone is chasing an obscure club record: most times being hit by pitches in a season.

The record is held by Carlos Delgado, who was plunked 17 times in 2005.

''I'm feeling more pain than pressure,'' said Boone, who has been hit 12 times, two behind the Phillies' Chase Utley, who leads the major leagues.

Boone said he has no explanation for the sudden increase in getting hit.

''A bit of a fluke,'' he said.

Since Boone is five away from tying the record and we are still about a month away from the All-Star break, my money is on him breaking the Marlins single season record for being plunked.

Not that he wants to hold the record, but it is probably going to happen.