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Julio the Closer

Owens has the job for now, but the club is hellbent on making it Julio's.

Manager Fredi Gonzalez said Tuesday the long-term plan remains to have Julio close.

"We'll run him out there," Gonzalez said. "Our plan is for him to be the closer. That's what we got him to be. Our plan is to do that. Now, there is no time schedule for that. So we'll keep running him out there.

This makes absolutely no sense that it's Julio's job, assuming he is ever ready. Why would the team replace someone who is getting the job done for someone who has proven for the last two years he can't? It doesn't make any sense to force him into the closer's role.

Look, I know the club has a lot of money invested (for the Marlins) in Jorge, but that doesn't mean he should close. Put him in middle relief, if he is capable of doing that. Lord knows the ones presently occupying the position could use some rest.