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More on Sanchez

This is extremely odd to me.

Manager Fredi Gonzalez and pitching coach Rick Kranitz were surprised to learn about Anibal Sanchez's shoulder discomfort.


"Nothing led up to that," Kranitz said. "Anytime you hear that you think, `Well, was he trying to pitch through it?' It answers some of the questions because he wasn't on top of the ball and throwing downhill like he's capable. He never said anything about anything."

Let's see, he was using a different arm slot and couldn't get on top of the ball and they never suspected there could be a problem because a young player didn't say anything?  You've gotta to be kidding me.  Sanchez has a history of tendinitis and he pitched 200 innings for the first time last season, and this outcome is a surprise?

I'm not one for back seat driving the manager and coaches, on most occasions, but c'mon, this wasn't a surprise.