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Sanchez to the DL

Maverick was the first on the site to report that Anibal has been placed on the DL.

Sanchez has been diagnosed with right shoulder tendinitis and will rehab in Jupiter for the next several weeks. He is on the Isotopes' disabled list.

"After we optioned him out, he said his shoulder didn't feel right," General Manager Larry Beinfest said. "We'll see when he starts to ramp back up."

Sanchez has consulted with the team's medical personnel and undergone the usual battery of tests. He is on no-throw orders for the next seven to 10 days and will be re-evaluated after that.

Nothing surprising here.

The crappy thing for Anibal, besides the injury of course, is he didn't bring it up while he was with the big club.  For you see, a player makes less money while on the Triple-A DL than on the Marlins DL.

Sanchez's performance/physical shortcomings are costing him plenty of money. He was earning $381,000 in the majors, but he'll collect the prorated share of $121,151 while in the minors.

He really should have brought up the shoulder injury before the demotion.