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The speculation has started

Just to let you know, you can expect to see more stories like this.

The Marlins likely will be stuck in Miami until their lease runs out in 2010, but it is time for them to leave. The sooner, the better. Other cities should line up for this franchise, which boasts one of the greatest collections of young talent in baseball.
    This franchise has one of the truly marketable figures in the sport in Dontrelle Willis and a precocious superstar in Miguel Cabrera (though both could be traded by the time another city welcomes the team home). There also is plenty of depth in the system, so just when it is time for Scott Olsen and Anibal Sanchez to earn millions, there will be guys like Chris Volstad and Sean West waiting.
    It is a group of players many cities would embrace and successfully support in ways Miami has not.

This is the way that the stadium situation is perceived around the country.  But don't get too excited if you read something like it in the AP or some national newspaper.

I really don't think that MLB is ready to abandon South Florida.  It's just going to take some creative thinking to get the deal done in South Florida.