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More on Ross

And it doesn't sound good.

"I wasn't really at full speed, but I wasn't jogging," said Ross, who will undergo an MRI either today or Tuesday. "I was probably at about 80 percent, 90 percent. Right before I hit the bag I just felt it grab and I felt a pop. ... My first thought was to go down on the ground and stay off of it. Then I thought, `We need this run.'"

Oooh, hearing a "pop" is none too good.  Cody could be out for much longer than 15 days.

As Maverick said in the comments the team decided to recall Eric Reed to take his spot.

I don't really understand why he was recalled since his lifetime batting average against lefties in the majors is 0.00.  What function he will serve on the team, other than being a pinch hitter, and not a good one at that, I don't know.  I guess he could pinch run in the later innings.

Look for Alfredo to garner most of the starts in center, no matter who is pitching.