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More on Mitre

Mitre's next start sounds questionable.

Sergio Mitre, arguably the Marlins' top starter this season, exited in the top of the fifth inning on Wednesday night against the Cubs with a right hamstring ailment.


"It seems like, I don't know, a mild strain maybe," Mitre said when asked what he thinks happened. "It may be a cramp. I never felt it before, so I don't really know."


"I felt it [tug] right before the bag," Mitre said. "It was kind of when the ball hit me in the face at the same time. Well, the helmet hit me in the face. It was kind of half and half."

Mitre acknowledged he is unsure if he will be ready by Monday.

"That's what I'm going to try to do," Mitre said of making his scheduled start. "We'll find out more [Thursday]. Tonight, it is just sore. We'll see how it is tomorrow and the day after. I've got to throw a bullpen. We'll see how it feels."

Mitre said the soreness is on the upper part of his hamstring.

I'm not optimistic.  First off, I have never heard of a upper hamstring cramp.  Come to think of it, I have never heard of a hamstring cramp, period.  Seeing how he felt a tug and it was still hurting at the time when the press gets to ask questions after the game.  I'm betting it was a strain, though hopefully a mild one.

If it is a strain, he could end up on the DL retroactive to last night.  The Marlins already need to make a roster move before Tuesday's doubleheader to bring in a starting pitcher.  That is assuming that the club doesn't decide to start Gregg or Pinto and I don't see that happening.  It is possible that the easiest move is to 15-day DL Mitre, if he can't make the start in Atlanta, and start shuttling pitchers from Albuquerque or Carolina to handle the Monday and Tuesday starts.

I may be imagining the worst case scenario, but given how the team's luck has gone with pitchers so far this season, it is entirely possible.